Technology Stack

Mativel Solution helps companies to maximize their Salesforce investment, both in business growth and increased value to their brand. Our Salesforce technical excellence and custom development proficiency allow us to build solutions that streamline your sales and marketing processes and improves customer service management. Let us tune your Salesforce to drive success.


Our experts are in charge of designing robust Salesforce solutions. We develop exceptional custom-branded applications, and Salesforce AppExchange apps, ensuring security and seamless data migration. Mativel is endeavoring to deliver comprehensive solutions whatever the circumstances are. We use Salesforce development tools to facilitate business logic architecture and UI customization, including:


We all know the importance of web development and here at ApexTech, we provide full-stack web development services: from product design to frontend and backend architecture development. We stay ahead by excelling in agile technologies, which are real-time tested.




The most popular programming languages for native IOS and Android application development are used to deploy efficient solutions. As a result, we make sure our customers have the possibility to enjoy Android apps and IOS apps of the highest quality. Cross-platform apps are designed here to fulfill various clients’ wishes. ApexTech values the idea of improving life by actually creating viable products on different platforms.



Data Management

Designed with IT and business collaboration in mind, our data management systems help you define, manipulate, and manage data efficiently across a diverse but unified data tier. Effective data management is a key component of a successful organization that powers every process, helps make correct operational decisions and enhance strategic planning.


Our usage of designing tools allows us to excel beyond the potential of our own creativity. We invest in making your product’s style memorable. ApexTech leverages UI/UX designs creating a strong brand identity. We adopt innovative UI/UX concepts and pull the most out of designing tools to deliver user-friendly websites, mobile, and custom desktop applications that are visually attractive and functional.

Quality Assurance

We pay attention to quality assurance testing because we consider it’s an essential part of the software development process. That’s why apart from manual tests, we perform automated ones using robust performance testing tools. Our QA testers are involved in tests for performance, usability, and accessibility, as well as a unit and regression testing, utilizing automated software testing tools.


Our DevOps team leverages Microsoft TFS and open source CI/CD to facilitate and speed up your software delivery. By fully automating deployment cycles (CI/CD), our agile development team completely concentrates on the scalability and security of computer software products.

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